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Marketing Growth Strategies That Convert:

It all comes down to growth strategies that convert – PR + Digital + TV.  The strategy, execution, and analytics behind your brand growth will determine your ultimate success. As an award winning growth marketing, LJX Media provides some deep insights into multiple growth marketing strategies.

A growth marketer can look at the marketplace and find clever ways to inject your brand or service into the conversation, time and time again. Combining creativity , execution & analytical mindset, a growth marketer can propel your brand across multiple channels. The key is the experience behind the strategy.

Leads for Immigration Lawyers

Get Leads for Immigration Lawyers – 3 Simple Ways

In order to get quality leads for immigration lawyers, you absolutely need to know the cost of acquiring new clients. The issue is, 95% of immigration law firms do a horrible job in truly understanding this metric (generally speaking). I’ve seen this first hand & it’s amazing how knowing the value can help you scale […]

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Why You Need to Go Beyond Analytics

Why You Need to Be Better Than Google Analytics

First let’s start by saying Google Analytics is a great free tool that provides multiple data points into your traffic. Yet, you still need to be better than Google Analytics. What Google Analytics does a poor job of doing, is mapping back every single revenue transaction back to multiple touch points across the customer journey. The insights you’re missing […]

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