Facebook + Messenger Bots = High Lead Generation Value

Facebook Messenger Bot Lead Generation

The high lead generation value when it comes to Facebook + Messenger Bot is incredibly high – if you have the proper strategy in place. Most businesses fail when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Don’t fall for what you think you’ve read. When you speak to small and medium size businesses & you hear their Facebook tales, you’ll see a theme. “It was too expensive”, “I didn’t see a positive ROI”, “it just didn’t work”. There are several reasons why this occurs, some of which are not even in your control.

If you’re campaigns are not setup properly in Facebook, without VERY CLEAR conversion goals, it will fail. Not knowing what the value of your conversion goals are, you will fail. There are several analytics tools out there that can help you determine what the value of a call or lead is to your organization. I’ll save that for another article. As for Facebook directly, there are two main secrets that I’ve found to do AMAZING when it comes to lead generation.

Why Do Messenger Bots Have High Lead Generation Values ?

If you look at a messenger bot, a user has an active intent of wanting to engage with a both. Like any potential customer, the higher the intent, higher the value of that lead being generated. It’s crucial that you educate the consumer first. Only after you educate that consumer, to you attempt to capture their contact information. Do not attempt to try and sell them right away. You’re looking to build conversational confidence before you attempt to pitch them on whatever your offer is.

Lookalike Audiences

You have email addresses of all your leads & customers. If you import them into Facebook and create lookalike audiences, you are letting Facebook do the work for you. Their algorithms will find patterns that increases your chance of a conversion – all at a lower cost. Set aside a budget you are willing to test in a one month period & let it run.

Messenger Bots

I am beyond shock how many businesses DO NOT use Messenger Bots. The lead generation value coming from these messenger bots is incredibly high. The simplest bot, if properly thought out from a conversation standpoint, is a 24×7 lead generation machine. The cost for the software is very minimal. The real trick is constantly adjusting the bot until it’s just right. You can get into more advanced stuff like AI, but honestly, you don’t need it initially. Start understanding & getting a feel for social conversation flow. Get the information you need to capture a lead from social & put those leads into a new funnel.

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