Get More Customers To Your Pizza Place

Get More Customers To Your Pizza Place

If you’re looking to get more customers to your pizza place, it’s as important to know where your strengths are not as to where they are. Many pizzeria owners know the operations side of the business. The issue is, many simply aren’t as strong on the marketing side of the business. Let’s dive in.

My Pizza is the Best In Town, I Don’t Need a Marketing Team

I come from a very unique perspective. To give you some perspective, I grew up in the family pizza business (ages 10-25), I got to see the operations side in a very interesting facet. From a growth perspective, I saw it go from one location all the way up to 10 locations. The older I got, I was able to understand the finer issues that pizza restaurants face. Fast forward to the present, I see two huge issues: can’t get good help & how to market online.

Getting Good Help is Near Impossible

It’s an interesting thing with the employee market place. For instance, when I was younger and worked at a pizza place, the employees consisted heavily on high school & college workers. Have you tried hiring that age group now? They seriously have no desire to work (in the macro sense). They prefer to be famous & figuring out a way to make money off their followers. I mean, why work for say $10/hr when you can make a couple hundred a week from your followers? Unfortunately, while we won’t solve that issue here, I can show you how to turn that into one of your best ways to get more customers to your pizza place.

What’s the Best Bang for the Buck to Get More Customers to Your Pizza Place ?

I will focus on 3 main areas here to help you get new customers for your pizza place:

  • Online Food Delivery – without question, you need to put some serious thought behind every single online food delivery system out there. Perhaps you already looked at it & saw a 33% take and said no way. Well, there are ways around that. The reason places like Uber Eats & Door Dash  do amazing is the audience is simply there. If your audience is there & you are not, that means they simply will not order from you!
  • Online Ordering System – for those that don’t use online food delivery, there are many that feel comfortable to order from your restaurant directly. There are services out that bring this cost down a ton for you, providing you all the upside.
  • Social Media & Review Sites – you need someone dedicated to making sure you are engaging on social media AND keeping your reviews high on all the review sites. When attracting new customers, social media & review sites are crucial! After all, if you’re looking to get more customers to your pizza place, you need to be everywhere!

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John Santoro Founder LJX Media

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