Google Ads are Expensive – Yet Highly Profitable

Google Ads are Expensive

When it comes to paid search, many look at the cost per click price & get scared off. You might think that Google Ads are expensive. It’s not so much that paid search is expensive, it’s more that your not killing it across every touch point. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Front End – Focus on Your Quality Score

You have to first play by Google’s rules. Get your quality score up so you can lower you cost per click. This on it’s own is a huge win, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are monetizing that paid user effectively. Take a look at your Google campaigns, make sure your landing pages match what the user is looking for, and lastly be sure that the ad copy provides a higher click through rate.

Calls or Emails?

When it comes to intent value, nothing beats a phone call. While that statement is true, it only applies if you have a knowledgeable product/service person answering the phone on your end. Without that, the call is close to a waste. For instance, some law firms make it a point to have well trained in house team answering the phones. Not only is the caller well informed & educated, that caller has a higher chance of becoming a client. Call only ads and call extensions are definitely worth incorporating into your Google Ads mix,

Are Email Leads Getting Educated or Are You Forcing a Sale?

One of the largest mistakes in email marketing is trying to go for the sale too soon. Without fail, you need to build confidence and reputation with the reader. This occurs when you provide invaluable content without asking for anything. As time goes by, you can then attempt a soft sale – increasing your chances of a desired response.

Google Ads Summary

While you might still think Google Ads are expensive, if you look at the full picture, it’s one of the highest intent audiences out there. Giving each touch point the adjustments needed will only enhance your top line & ultimately your bottom line!

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