How Solid are Growth Marketing Companies?

Growth Marketing Companies

When it comes to growth marketing companies, it’s important to look at their performance history. Do these growth marketing agencies have a track record of performance? How is a growth marketing company’s fee structure? Are the growth marketing consultants simply looking to earn a flat monthly fee, or are they looking to earn less up front, but make more as they grow your business? Let’s take a deep dive into growth marketing strategies & more.

What Can a Growth Marketing Agency Do For You?

Growth marketing companies have the experience to look at an open marketplace and determine your fit. Furthermore, a growth marketing agency has the ability to not only put a strategy in place, but have the ability to execute on that strategy.

Not theory, actual execution. 

Paid search, social media, PR, TV commercials, radio, are all high level areas used to execute on the strategy. The bread and butter lives in the finer details of each medium.

How is the Performance Track Record?

When it comes to growing brands, detailed case studies should be right at their disposal. Lead generation is great, so is brand awareness, but are the marketing efforts leading to actual new paying customers? You can get lost in all the marketing jargon, but is your return on ad spend gaining you new customers. That’s the bottom line!

Growth Marketing Strategies Come Down to the Ability to Execute

You absolutely need a framework in place. These growth marketing strategies need to trickle down to those that execute on these plans. Ideally, these same marketers are getting their hands dirty at the execution level – verses just hiring a bunch of marketing consultants to do all the work. When strategy & execution come from the same agency, your success rate exponentially increases. Growth marketing companies live & die by their ability to execute!

Growth Marketing Examples

When it comes to growth marketing examples, it comes down to performance. A growth marketing companies ability to drive the highest value at the lowest possible spend on advertising. Imagine a $10,000 billboard getting you national news & media coverage. How about a late night tv commercial buy for pennies on the dollar that returned amazingly for you? Or a paid search campaign that found all your low hanging fruit customers at high margins. These are all growth marketing examples that we have implemented as home runs for some of our clients.

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