How to Get New Customers on Facebook

How to Get New Customers on Facebook

The ever evolving algorithm of Facebook has many playing catch up. If you’re trying to figure out how to get new customers on Facebook, you need to look at multiple areas of Facebook. If you execute on a proper strategy on Facebook, your ability to scale & convert is amazing

Are Facebook Paid Ads Worth It?

We’ve all heard the stories about Facebook where posts are reaching its intended audience at the rate it use to. As a result, you’re forced to go down the Facebook paid ads route. If done properly, the results are really great. For instance, one type of ad that we absolutely love ad ads that lead to Facebook Messenger. Not only does the user never leave Facebook, but the user is also more inclined to engage with the ad since it is Messenger. Add in Facebook Messenger bot functionality, what you have is the ability to educate a user while capturing & qualifying the lead

How About Facebook Lead Ads to Get New Customers on Facebook?

Facebook lead ads are a great way to get a lead from a Facebook paid ad. The best part is the user never has to enter in his details as the information is in his profile. Sounds great initially, but it’s imperative that you have the proper drip campaign setup. Otherwise, the lead will go to waste. If you do this correctly, you will get new customers on Facebook in scale!

Are Influencers Worth Paying

100% yes, as long as you are making deals with the right ones. For instance, getting Kim Kardashian might not only be out of your budget, but it also might not convert for you. For example, if you create clothing targeting surfers, you can go after micro influencers. These are influencers that have a smaller following, but specific to the audience you’re after. If you make multiple deals with these micro influencers, you have a great chance of getting publicity socially and offline.

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