How to Grow Your Restaurant Business

How to Grow Your Restaurant Business

If you’re looking to grow your restaurant business, the amount of options at your disposal is dizzying! Social media, review sites, online ordering, online food delivery services, the list goes on and on. Thing is, if you do this properly, your upside is insane!

I Can’t Find Good Restaurant Employees These Days

One of the largest complaints by most restaurant owners is the amount of inefficient talent to hire. In a world of being famous on social media, the work ethic (in the masses) isn’t what it use to be. As a result, a restaurant owner is constantly hiring and firing employees. With employee costs taking up a large percentage of your gross revenue, getting this right is huge. While you might see fluctuating costs at the expense of growth, there are some growth areas below worth looking at.

I Don’t Have Time to Manage My Restaurant’s Social Media & Review Sites.

There are several social media sites & review sites out there. Many restaurant owners don’t have the time or in house talent to properly manage this. Worse, are the ones that barely do it. Being on top of reviews is critical, so is generating buzz around your restaurant business. Many times you’re better off hiring a social media marketing company to handle this side of the business for you. It might sound like another cost you need to incur, but look at this as a growth partner. Someone who is focused on providing your restaurant business the online presence you need to succeed.

I Need an Online Ordering System to Grow My Restaurant Business Too?

Without question, online ordering for your restaurant is crucial. There are tons of businesses out there that will provide you this service for free, then just take a percentage of your order of a flat free. Your initial reaction is no, but think about it first. In addition to passing this cost on to the consumer (through price hikes or specific line item fee), you can mitigate your cost by still get a whole new set of audience members. I’ve seen seasonal businesses exponentially increase their off season revenues along, let alone during prime season.

Do I Need to Be On Uber Eats or Door Dash to Grow My Restaurant Business?

The amount of consumers that use Uber Eats & Door Dash keep rising. It would be completely foolish for you not to be on there! The best part, you might be able to cut down on employee cost (delivery drivers) by using a service like this. Similar to an online ordering system, you can adjust your pricing to mitigate the cost it is to use Uber Eats or Door Dash.

After reading this, you might think of all the cost you can incur. Thing is, you need to look at the tremendous growth as well. You can always mitigate your cost while increasing your upside. If you’re still trying to figure out how to grow you restaurant business, these areas above will have immediate impact

Restaurant Growth Strategy Recap

1 – Social Media & Review Sites: Make sure you have someone (or a third party company) constantly posting, monitoring, commenting and engaging with your audience

2 – Online Ordering – if you don’t have one already, definitely implement an online ordering system. Any costs you would incur to have this system can easily be passed on.

3 – Online Food Delivery – Uber Eats & Door Dash own the marketplace right now when it comes to online food delivery. Speak to one of their reps & understand the math behind their fees. Offset that cost by slightly increasing your menu prices through their apps & see the tremendous upside.

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