Live Chat or Facebook Messenger Bots?

Live Chat or Facebook Messenger Bot

We are huge fans of messenger bots. Thing is, when it comes to messaging in general what wins, is it live chat or Facebook Messenger bots? The answer depends on these factors.

Live Chat Review

All users want instant answers, which makes chat a huge component of lead generation. With live chat, a user can basically ask any question in real time, and get a real time person to provide an answer. This only works if the live chat agent is knowledgeable in your product or service. If all the live chat agent is doing, is taking the visitors name & contact information, then it’s a waste.

Pros of live chat:

  • Instant engagement
  • Can answer various questions in real time

Cons of Live Chat:

  • Can get pricey
  • Native language is not english, possibly causing a negative interaction with your brand
  • Getting a knowledgeable person 24×7 is near impossible

Messenger Bots Review

If you create a messenger bot correctly, you can account for a multitude of various of conversational flow. Additionally, if you incorporate AI in the conversation, you are exponentially increasing your chances of not only educating the audience, but capturing the lead information. If executed properly, it makes the question of live chat or Facebook Messenger bots lean towards Messenger.

Messenger bots do an incredible job of making the conversation light while providing the user information in real time. If you properly map out the strategy, it’s a huge win.

Pros of Messenger Bots:

  • Huge lead generation opportunity
  • Instant communication a multitude of answers & information
  • Huge Savings
  • On 24×8

Cons of Messenger Bots

  • If not mapped out properly, conversations can lead to no answers for the user
  • Need a social media management company or internal employee dedicated to the bot

In conclusion, unless you have a knowledgeable person dedicated to live chat 24×7, a messenger bot will outperform a live chat agent. The best advice is to properly map out & evolve your messenger bot as more users engage with the bot. As a result, the answer to live chat or Facebook Messenger bots will almost always lead to Messenger bots.

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