Marketing Strategy for Dumpster Rentals

Marketing Strategy for Dumpster Rentals

Whether you serve a small town, large area, or national coverage, having a clear marketing strategy for dumpster rentals is imperative. On one side, you have dumpster rental paid search ads. On the other, you have the ability to acquire high intent leads through social media. The key to success for your dumpster rental internet marketing strategy is properly execute on your strategy. Too many times, I see dumpster rental companies try to save money and go with the lowest priced digital marketing agency. While your service fee might be lower, you’re actual COST is incredibly higher. By using a performance marketing approach, dumpster rental digital marketing can be executed at a killer return. Below, I’ll dive down into a couple areas that have worked for us:

  • Paid search for dumpster rentals
  • Social media for dumpster rentals
  • Dumpster rental leads
  • Dumpster rental marketing service pricing
  • Marketing strategy for dumpster rental summary

Paid Search for Dumpster Rentals

The competition on paid search for dumpster rentals varies depending on your market. For instance, if you service a recent natural disaster area, the amount of demand for your service is high. As a result, more dumpster rental businesses will set up shop in your area, forcing the cost per click to rise. Your reaction to this for dumpster rental paid search ads might be negative, but you need to look at this in a different way. While that might cause the cost for for dumpster rental leads to increase, the intent value is so high, you’ll still win out if you execute properly. The key to any proper dumpster rental digital marketing campaign is to properly track every single campaign. By turning up the winners & turning off the losers, your dumpster rental leads become customers at a significantly lower acquisition cost.

When we managed paid search accounts for dumpster rental businesses, we learned the following strategy & still deploy it til this day. What we’ve learned, is simple. Don’t focus purely on what you’re paying per click, focus on what you paying for paid search for the month. Match that up against how your business did for the month. If you’re happy with the results, keep going. If you feel the results are not doing well, then I would say it’s time to look for another paid search marketing company. I say this as I’ve seen first hand how well paid search does for generating high intent leads with a very high close rate.

An area that is often neglected is being able to properly retarget those high intent users across multiple sites. Not only is about retarget, it’s about lending credibility and case studies during a retarget campaign, that will allow you to capture that high intent audience towards a sale.

Social Media for Dumpster Rentals

Social media is a bit of a different animal that paid search. It’s important you have a presence on social, but most consumers aren’t engaging with a dumpster rental company on Instagram, let’s face it! But, your past consumers will gladly recommend you & is a huge source of positive feedback.

If you’re looking to spend money on social media ads, getting the right social media management company is crucial. Since you’re using this service a lead generation source, you want to be sure they can execute. For us, I’ve seen messenger bots do outstanding for dumpster rental leads.

Dumpster Rental Leads

There are some providers out there that will sell you dumpster rental leads. 90% of the time, these are a complete waste. The potential lead has no idea about your company, and chances are, the lead generation company is selling your lead to multiple vendors. To have a shot, you’ll need to have an exclusive lead. In then, buying dumpster rental leads is not cost effective.

Instead of buying leads, you should be owning the flow of traffic. If you build your own pipeline of traffic, not only is your company name being put out there, you get to close on these leads a lot easier. Put the right dumpster rental marketing strategy in place, execute in both paid search & social media, and grow your business at a low customer acquisition cost.

Dumpster Rental Marketing Services Pricing

Below is our pricing to manage your strategy & execution for dumpster rental marketing services

  1. Paid Search Management:
    $800 / month – manage up to $5,000/mo in spend
    Setup Fee:
    $500 (one time fee)
  2. Social Media Management:
    $1,000 / month.
    This involves us managing your social media marketing spend purely for lead generation.
    Setup Fee:
    $1,000 (one time fee)
  3. Combination: Paid Search + Social Media
    Setup Fee: $1,200
    Monthly Fee: $1,500 / month

Marketing Strategy for Dumpster Rental Summary

We covered paid search, social media and leads for your marketing strategy for dumpster rentals. In addition to competing against large national brands like Waste Management & local large vendors, you can still get a share of the marketplace with proper execution of your digital, TV, and PR strategies. If you keep a close eye on the data coming in, the amount of leads & ultimately repeat customers you get will be huge. Conversely, if you don’t keep an eye on it (or have an organization that does), you will be wasting a large amount of money. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many hard working dumpster rental companies not keep a close eye on their marketing partner, causing friction within their business!

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