Mobile Monkey Review – Is It Worth It?

Mobile Monkey Review

This Mobile Monkey review will go into the value of incorporating Facebook Messenger bots into your campaigns. Whether you’re looking to use messenger bots as a lead generation tool or simply a fun engagement tool, we decided to take deeper look into Mobile Monkey.

In this article, we will discuss:

Messenger Bots Upside
Should I Use Mobile Monkey Myself
Mobile Monkey Review for Agencies
Mobile Monkey Review Final Thoughts

Messenger Bots Upside

We are a huge fan of messenger bots. It is such a huge lead generation source, that you have to put a strategy behind using them properly. Mobile Monkey has a very simple WYSIWYG interface & does an amazing job of providing documentation. Mobile Monkey also does an outstanding job on the customer support side. Normally, that would be sufficient for a Mobile Monkey review. We decided to go further with our review of Mobile Monkey.

Should I Use Mobile Monkey Myself?

Do you remember the saying “Just because anyone can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it”. It’s a clever little play on words, but basically, easy doesn’t mean better. For instance, you can do your taxes online for a couple dollars. Or, you can higher a CPA and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on your taxes. Your initial reaction is do it yourself right?

It’s too short term of a view. If you look at the whole picture, a CPA is looking at your entire tax & life situation. The personalized approach will save you thousands or more in the mid to long term. That same principle applies to Messenger bots.

While Mobile Monkey does a great job, messenger bots are more involved than just the end results. The proper strategy to create a messenger bot, where to integrate, how to follow up is a gigantic part that no WYSIWYG messenger bot provider can fulfill. The ability to educate, nurture & ultimately sell to your visitor is one that involves strategy & ability to execute.

Mobile Monkey Review for Agencies

If you’re looking to incorporate Mobile Monkey for your agency, you need a combination of a solid product & support. It goes without saying that Mobile Monkey is a high quality messenger bot platform. What sets Mobile Monkey apart however isn’t the quality, it’s the service. Really fast email replies to ticket but also, you can actually get someone on the phone to help you. As an agency, this is huge. Speed is critical and having a Messenger provider that delivers on that is huge for any agency.

Mobile Monkey Review Final Thoughts

We love using Mobile Monkey for our clients. It’s a very simple tool to use & can handle many complex areas as well. If you were looking to use a messenger bot software provider, we highly recommend Mobile Monkey. If you’re looking to increase your success rate & scale efficiently, utilize a social media management company that has experience in messenger bots.

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