PR That Converts – Billboards are Not Dead

PR That Convertts

Finding PR that converts can be tough. I mean, you really are taking a chance of PR being a complete failure. What helps, is experience & a way to properly execute on a PR campaign.

It always amazes me when “non marketers: feel the need to have a billboard. First, this isn’t a marketing strategy. If anything, it’s vanity. For instance, why do lawyers put a phone number on their highway billboard? When was the last time you EVER dialed a number from looking at a billboard? Some of the larger law firms, with a large advertising budget, will do the blanket approach. They will saturate a specific area with billboards, radio, and tv. Basically, you have no option but to eventually remember their name, leading to a direct brand play.

Billboards are Huge With PR That Converts

Thing is, how does this blanket / push marketing approach do performance wise? There are several ways to measure it, but if the return is positive, it’s quite amount of time for that to turn positive. Now in our bag of tricks, I’ve found billboards to be incredibly effective, but not for the reasons you think. Without question, billboards are huge when it comes to PR that converts – only if you follow a certain methodology.

A small billboard can have an insane amount of reach with the proper PR associated to it. Not only does the billboard need to be on the pulse of controversy, it needs to have a perfectly executed PR plan in parallel. There were some billboards in the online dating space we’ve done that would blow your minds in terms of returns.

“Take a 5-10k controversial billboard with the right amount of PR & turn that into a 20x-50x return. The rush is insane, seeing the results in real time, will blow your mind.”

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Put out a billboard for under 10k & become the lead news story in a major city. Local news rolling up to national news. As you can see, with a proper PR campaign, the snowball effect can be dramatic. Or, put a 5k billboard & get to the front page of multiple popular political news sites. The return on that 5-10k is well over 20-50x that in exposure. That’s how you do billboard campaigns with a performance perspective.

While that isn’t a sustainable strategy to grow a brand, it is a way to use media to feed other areas of media. Ultimately, this provides you an amazing return on your marketing dollars while fueling growth.

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