PR That Converts – With Proof!

PR That Converts

Very easily, you can get tricked into spending tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to a PR campaign that completely bombs. PR that converts involves a well thought out strategy with an acute ability to execute on that campaign. That last part, is where things fall apart for most PR campaigns.

Can’t I Just Pay Someone to Get Me into a Publication?

You are starting to see more and more providers charging companies to put an article onto a popular publication such as Forbes, Inc, Wired. At first glance that sounds amazing. Just pay someone and bam, you’re on huge site.

Do NOT fall for this.

Just because a link or brand name is mentioned on a publication article, it is buried deep into the site. So much so that the article never gets seen. If the article is never seen, it never has a chance of rolling up into additional coverage.

My Billboard Isn’t Doing Anything For Me

95% of billboards are a complete waste of money. When was the last time you ever placed a phone call from seeing it on a billboard? If you’re spending millions on billboards as a national branding play, that’s one thing. For everyone else, it simply does not provide the value that you need it to.

Now imagine, you had a controversial billboard in downtown Chicago. Now, that billboard becomes the leading store on Fox News. It’s spoken on local radio. It’s mentioned on social media & gains a ton of attention. Now major online publications are discussing it. One tiny billboard did all that.

We’ve accomplished this several times, without question, that is PR that converts.

Does TV Commercials Lend Itself to PR that Converts?

This is always an interesting question. There is no question that watching your favorite show because it’s on at 8pm rarely happens anymore. Throw in the amazing programs on Netflix, Hulu & all on-demand apps, brings the value of commercial down considerably.

When others look left, you look right. What you’ll see is an interesting find. With the right media buyers, you can get onto cable & network tv for pennies on the dollar. Add in the right creative commercial, you know have a story that you can leverage for PR. Not only do you a media buy that converts for you, you also have PR that converts . Building your brand while fueling your growth is a true win win.

While social media and digital marketing are getting the headlines these days, always remember that a properly execute PR campaign cuts through the clutter in masses!

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