Public Relations That Converts – Print? Yes Print!

Public Relations That Convert

When you think of public relations that converts, the last thing that comes to mind is print. Yes, that print. Magazines & newspaper.s Wait, no one reads the newspaper or magazines anymore. How in the world can you get PR out of it. Let’s me share a story about print & PR that converts. After all, story telling is a large part of a marketing strategy that is often neglected in a digital first mindset.

Print Advertising is Expensive Isn’t It?

If you plan on paying list price, it absolutely is. List price is simply a price on a list, not the price you have to pay. With the right media buyers on your side, that media buyer can find that one off rate for the back cover of a magazine. Or that national newspaper whose big advertiser dropped out at the last minute. Or an advertiser who has the inside cover but is going through a PR nightmare where the publisher can’t go live with them. At the end of the day, publishers have deadlines. If there’s space, they will take something rather than nothing.

How Do I Get Public Relations From Print That Converts?

This is when being creative is imperative. Picture this. A popular woman’s magazine approves an ad for our client. The ad goes in the magazine with little to no attention. Then, a PR campaign around that ad starts getting some buzz. If you look at the shadow of the ad, is a phallic image. “Do you believe that XYZ Women’s Magazine” allowed this ad? PR lead to offline and online publication coverage. Social media buzz was on fire. All from a last minute buy in a magazine that “no one reads”. Now that’s public relations that converts.

Always remember that there’s opportunity for PR in a multitude of areas. You simply need to think outside of the box & look at the world through the lens of media. No one cares about your product, but if you find a way to get the media to care (by feeding what they need), you will reap the riches.

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