Social Media Ads That Convert – Use Fear!

Social media ads that convert

When it comes to social media ads that convert, we’ve found that fear does an outstanding job of grabbing someone’s attention. In an ever fast moving social media feed, you have under a second to grab someone’s attention. You can increase that attention span with proper targeting, but you still need the ability to capture their attention. Proper targeting + ads play to fear accomplishes this. Let’s dive deeper.

Why Does Fear Ads Work?

In general, marketing is all about grabbing someone’s attention. When it comes to social media ads that work, you need to grab there attention instantly, all within a scroll! Fear, or anything controversial, simply has a higher chance of grabbing a user’s attention. What you do with that ad, to pivot to your offer, is key to making the ad a success.

Case Study of Social Media Ads that Convert

About 2 months ago, the FDA made an announcement of 16 dog food brands that had a link to heart disease. Think about all the pet owners that were horrified to hear this. Now add a social media spin to it.

We did an add that played off of this fear, simply mentioning the news that many heard already. The pivot point occurred by introducing our offer. It was an affiliate play that pivot to all natural meals for your dog, sent directly to your home.

Now that’s a leap right? I mean, how do you get someone from paying $40/month for dog food to over $100+/mo for home delivery of fresh dog food? Fear. Have you see how pampered pets are nowadays.

The key was to target women 50-65+ years old who owned pets. This affiliate play worked amazingly. It was a short lived affiliate play, but the results were outstanding.

How to Apply This To Your Next Social Media Ad

Look at the new of the day and see what looks like a hot topic, or one that has a bit of controversy to it. Then, think about how you can pivot to your offer. Chances are, you’ll need to create a new funnel to take the user from ad to sale. You might not be able to sell them right away. Setup a drip campaign of valuable (no sales) content before hitting them up with your offer. Our trick had it go to a Mobile Monkey messenger bot.

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