Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media marketing for lawyers

When it comes to social media marketing for lawyers, chances are, that law group will need outside expertise. Lawyers are incredibly skilled at their craft; however, they are not marketers. If we did deep into the truth, if you’re a lawyer over the age of 35, you might not be as passionate about your profession as you once were. If you do social media right, you’ll start bringing in new clients that speak to the true trajectory of your career.

Lead Generation with Social Media Marketing

Lawyers tend to love doing billboards, radio and some tv. Talk about traditional old school advertising for an old school profession. What we love to see is when we prove a lawyer wrong. When we convince a firm to let us handle digital and see the results. We absolutely love social media marketing for lawyers when it comes to lead generation. It’s phenomenal. The amount of targeting, scale and low cost involved for new client acquisition is amazing.

I remember having this immigration lawyer where we were getting leads for a couple dollars. You can’t even get clicks on Google Ads for a couple dollars when it comes to law. The trick we found is using messenger bots.

Messenger Bots for Lawyers

There is only a tiny, really tiny, percentage of lawyer using messenger bots for social media. The amount of upside here is insane. Not only can you acquire potential clients for pennies on the dollar, you can also educate & qualify them. All done through an automated bot! Social media marketing for lawyers isn’t about posting your face on social with your phone number, it’s about engagement. A messenger bot automates that engagement, educates and ultimately provides you a lead to follow up with.

At the end of the day, don’t dismiss a marketing channel because you’re not executing on it properly. Either bring the knowledge in house & kill it, or outsource it to a social media management company that can kill it for you.

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