TV Commercials That Convert

TV Commercials that Convert

When it comes to TV commercials that convert, you first need to understand what you are trying to measure. In addition to the measurement side, there are two important areas of focus. The proper TV creative and the proper execution of media buying.

How to Get TV Commercial That Convert?

There’s a 4 step process that we use that any organization can replicate. It’s incredibly important to get all 4 areas correct otherwise there’s a good chance you will consider the tv commercial a failure

Step 1: TV Commercial Strategy

It’s important that you understand the purpose of your tv commercial. Is it a branding campaign (you want to get your name out there) or is it a direct response campaign (you want the viewers to place an action – phone call, email, buy). Regardless of the strategy you decide on, you’ll need to pair this up with your ideal viewer. Who is your ideal customer?

Step 2: TV Commercial Creative

A tv commercial can be created in a multitude of ways. Often times, for those on a limited budget, I see organizations go very cheap on the commercial. While you can create an amazing commercial now at a discounted rate, that doesn’t mean you create a cheap commercial. Not only will the tv buy be a complete failure, it gives a negative impression of your brand to a potential consumer.

Step 3 Media Buyers

Buying airtime today is completely fragmented. Networks, cable, satellite, OTT, direct buy, remnant. The list goes on and on. The best way to unlock true value is to line yourself with an experienced media buyer. An experience media will be able to take your strategy & apply it to a proposed buy. Additionally, that buyer will have access to rates that increases the chances of that tv commercial being successful.

Step 4 Measuring the TV Buy

Properly reviewing your buy in the short term and long term is key. TV commercials that convert simply don’t run one time. Having a time frame in mind will allow you to see the true effects of that tv commercial. While you hear many say that “tv is dead”, when it comes to tv commercials, it all comes down to measurement. If you’re able to determine that your tv campaign was a success, the ability to scale is enormous.

One great component of tv commercials is the ability to use it in different channels. You can use it for YouTube pre-roll and even apply is as part of your PR campaign.

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