What to Look for in a Paid Search Company

Paid Search Marketing Company

If you’re looking to change your paid search company or simply want a new ppc company, there are certain things to look for. Whether it’s Google Ads, Bing Ads or anything it between, it’s important to know which questions and objectives should be clear. When it comes to paid search management, all companies & individuals are not created equal

I Was Referred to a Paid Search Company That Was Not Good

One of two things happened here. First, it’s possible that a very good paid search company simply did a bad job on your account. Perhaps you were too small of an account, or they simply stuck an entry level ppc person on your account. Second, you dealt with a ppc company that is great at sales & simply contracts out the work to a third party (we hate these!).

What Should I Ask a PPC Company?

My #1 advice when speaking to a ppc company is during the sales process. Ask the paid search company that you’d like to speak with the person working on your account each day. Not the sales person, not the manager, the actual person doing the work. The next step is request a weekly phone call with the ppc specialist working on your account. In addition to the manager / sales person being on the call, you want the one managing your account to be on there as well. Another trick is to ask if the specialist will have a call with Google Ads to review their account. Basically, you want to absolute best return on your ad spend as possible!

Does Location Matter?

Many companies try to find someone local to them. The issue with finding a local ppc company is limitations. The ability to execute a ppc strategy isn’t about location, it’s about experience. Having experience in paid search across multiple industries is what you should be looking for in your next ppc marketing agency.

What Should the Fee Structure Be With a Paid Search Company?

This is always a tricky question. Many times, ppc companies will operate on a percentage of spend, with a monthly minimum. Others will charge you a flat rate. We believe the best approach is a hybrid that includes performance objectives. For instance, a smaller flat fee with performance objectives that allows the paid search marketing agency to essentially earn a bonus. To us, it’s not just about managing spend, but ultimately getting you more customers at an efficient rate.

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