Can’t Figure Out Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing seems to be an area where you go down this rabbit whole. There are so many angles & platforms that it can get quite dizzying. So much so, that most companies give up one social media marketing way too early.

As you speak to businesses of varying sizes, specifically to those in charge of marketing, you get a wide mix of answers when it comes to social media. Initially, you’ll get this pause before you hear an answer. What happens next, is some version of disappointment when it comes to their social media strategy & execution.

You Need a Clear Cut Social Media Strategy

Believe it or not, the issue is not with the person executing on social media. The issue is with management’s strategy for social media. In most cases, not only is it too broad, there aren’t any key measurable objectives within their strategy.

Long are the days of “get me likes” or “get a larger following” (which believe it or not is still a metric being measured). Most of those in charge of marketing see the potential in social but are not sure on how to properly push down their goals to the team (whether it be internal or to third party agencies).

This is one of those cases where you simply need to go back to basics. 

  • Definition – You need to clearly defined what the #1 goal is for social media in your organization
  • Mapping – every single action you & your organization takes need to map back to that goal.

Once execution & strategy are in alignment, start branching out. Test multiple paid social media ads on your favorite platform & see the results. Listen to your audience & adjust where needed. You’ll find that your message will resonate perfectly on certain social properties, but not on others. That is ok! You’ll hopefully get to the point where you see the value in Messenger bots & take Facebook to a whole other level!

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