Why You Need to Be Better Than Google Analytics

Why You Need to Go Beyond Analytics

First let’s start by saying Google Analytics is a great free tool that provides multiple data points into your traffic. Yet, you still need to be better than Google Analytics. What Google Analytics does a poor job of doing, is mapping back every single revenue transaction back to multiple touch points across the customer journey. The insights you’re missing out on here is HUGE.

Proper Attribution is Key to Growth

For instance, let’s suppose you have a campaign running on multiple channels. Let’s say Google Ads, Facebook, Radio, and TV. You have this campaign running for a month & find out that your return isn’t where you need it to be. You might even determine that Google Ads is faring well, but everything else is failing. As a result, you decide to turn all your marketing spend off except for Google Ads. In your following month, you learn that your results aren’t as good as month 1. You simply need to find something better than Google Analytics.

What happened?

First off, you probably are using last click attribution. So a user hears a radio ad & sees your ad on Facebook. He then might go to Google to do a search on a non-brand term and brings you to your site. Google Analytics will show you that attribution went to the non-brand keyword in Google Ads, while Facebook & radio are getting 0 attribution. This is a HUGE issue as it provides you with a false positive.

Let’s go even a step further. What if the ultimate call to action is a phone call and not a click. Same scenario: Radio (not many calls happen from radio lets face it), Facebook (same idea, most don’t leave FB to place a call), now paid search to your site. The user places a call and your phone tracking will show it came from Google Ads.

Most organization do not have the proper wholistic analytics tool in place. Even worse, many don’t even have analysts to dissect the data. This is a large issue with companies with revenues in the 1-25 million dollar range. These companies will then get frustrated with their marketing spend & ultimately keep cutting their marketing budget.

Instead, these organization should be investing in proper business intelligence tools. Couple this with team members versed in data interpretation, you are now setting yourself up for optimization, scale & growth within your organization.

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