Youtube Pre Roll Best Practices

Youtube Pre Roll Best Practices

Many forget that Youtube is the largest video search engine. It’s actually the largest search engine period behind Google. Which makes Youtube a fascinating medium for advertising. In this article, we’re going to focus specifically on pre-roll. We believe too many organizations are leaving a ton of money on the table by not using this medium properly. Below are some tips for our Youtbe pre roll best practices.

Creative Specific to Youtube Pre Roll

Too many organizations simply use their existing tv commercial and apply it to pre roll. Or, too many organizations go incredibly cheap on pre roll & don’t give much thought behind the creative for a Youtube video. This is the #1 mistake that most buyers of Youtube pre roll make. When looking at Youtube pre roll best practices, if you are trying to capture the viewers attention, you need to do an amazing job with your creative to stand a chance!

How to Target On Youtube

When you look at Youtube from a strategy perspective, your ability to target is incredibly granular. For instance, retargeting is a huge method. This is one of our favorite Youtube pre roll best practices. You have visitors to your site & now you retarget those same user across Youtube. Your pre roll can go into deeper areas about your brand or products. Or, lets say you know your customers tend to love golf. You can then target golf videos on Youtube, while overlaying demographic information to get super granular.

Include a Call To Action

Your pre roll Youtube ad could be amazing, but you need a clear call to action for your viewers. Often times, pre roll ads forget this part. As a result, you’re leaving a significant amount of conversions on the table. Apply this best practices, incorporate a social engagement component, and win big time!

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